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There something I’ve realised over the course of my time on the interweb. Blogging and hobbies seem to always fall onto the same plate. I don’t know what it is but among some of us something clicks in our little fragile minds and we think “People will actually care about what I say about blank…” Blank being the subject, hobby or random thought that we are currently processing in the cycle of our braincells dying our hair falling out and skin getting wrinklier.

One such subject that crops up alot is Roleplaying Games. And so I have descided to join the cliche… not because I think peopel will actually care about what I think or say. but because I care about it and think it should be written down for all other people who want to listen to some guy ramble on about rolepalying and the ideas his brain sometimes chucks out spontaneously in the form of a gibbering beast.

In particular I will be talking about and sharing my ideas about Dungeons & Dragons, or more specifically Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition. The love child of WotC born from the unholy joining of the fantasy genre and cake. Because cake is good and fantasy is… well fantasy.

When the game came out last year it seemed to cut the entire D&D community in half like a dwarf fighter chopping a Gelatanious Cube in half with his great axe. On side we have the h4ters/grognards and the other the supportes who I have yet to discover a good name for. I am one of those people who supports the game but wishes he could slap whoever is the puppet master of WotC away from his puppet strings and beat him to death with a book for some of the stupid (well in my opinion…) descision they’ve made. But I’m sure if you frequent any message boards to do with D&D or roleplaying you already know of these things so lets no waste word count on them.

A Gibbering Beast....

When 4e came my Roleplaying Group where cautious at first but found are selves loving the fun and simplicity of the system, sure 3.5 had given us some great times that we had all enjoyed but… 4e felt better more natural like organic eggs taste better then battery.

I geuss what I’m trying to say is if your at this blog to flame in the comments area. Do us a favor, pick up your keyboard hit yourself in the head with it very hard and don’t make the people who actually want to discuss fluff and mechanics of a nice but not flawless system.

Thanks for Reading,

Comments below are appreciated.

P dot S

A clever little tool called Master Plan or Campaign Planner has been release by Devereaux on the WotC Boards, It’s a solid app and has spared me time and let me see my overall campaign plan better so why not download it and have a go!


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