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To learn of the history of Proxia and how it came to be created you must firstlearn about a once great adventurer who went by the name of John Highren. In his prime John was a great adventurer known across the lands for his great skill in swordplay and the band of adventurers that followed in his every foot step. He fought through many dungeons, faced many evil do-ers and collected both wealth and fame.

Born in the little town of Lakeroe John Highren was everything a human is made to be, hard working and strong willed as a young boy John worked the fields and helped his family make a living, but the farm boys life was not really for him. Like a great many human adventurers he to had his head in the clouds thinking of the creatures that inhabited the world and the justice he would bring to those that they attacked. It was not long before people became fed up with the young man and he was sent off to find his bearing in the world.

It was during his early years he became established as a great swordsman joining the military he was trained in the arts of martial combat but he never saw battle. Quick with a blade it was only until he received a injury in training that he left the military to continue his travels of the world realising that he had wandered from his path, he knew that there where other things he should be doing instead of training in a barracks read to be mobilised for war for the rest of his life. And so John left for the north, never return till fourty years later.

During his travels in the north often tales of John Highren Swordsman of the Lakeroe and hero of the north drifted on the winds back to his home town. Tales of John’s adventures into The Sorcerers Crypt, The Hags Hole and The Temple of Falling Moon among many other world known dangerous locations where talked about all over the five nations for many years until finnally for some unexplained reason, John returned home.

Spending a sizable amount of riches on building a large manor , John Highren retired,to protect his childhood home for the rest of his years. 


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