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This weekend while at a car boot sale I managed to pick up an entire box of TSR product for £5. This sort of find is incredibly rare, and I am glad I did as I think I just found a small treasure trove of near mint condition books. Among the box was a couple of books I’ve been flicking through for ideas in an upcoming campaign, the AD&D Monster Manual and the AD&D Monster Manual II. And I have decided to convert a creature from one of these books to 4e for you all.

And so I introduce. The Cat Lord, as a Heroic Tier Monster.

Cat Lord

The Cat Lord, or Master Cat as he is often known, is the rule of all forms of felines from domestic cats through the giant lynx to the largest of smilodons. Often thought of as a minor deity of sorts a great amount of superstition and often hate follows this creature. Seen by many of the less open minded people of the world as a malicious evil thing where ever the Cat Lord should go he is often feared and looked down upon, knowing that only those who truly under stand felines will know his true purpose. To do what is right for felines every where and occupy himself with cat-things alone.



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