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Those of us who are unlucky will be receiving there Arcane Power books soon after if not on April 21st. Until then I am contempt with staring at the Excerpts provided by WotC which I find… lacking.

I also will be unable to enjoy using said book at the table, unless I get my printer working and get some Power Card printed off the compendium before the next game I play in, which should be in a week or to thank to the whole PDF Piracy thing. For those of you who have yet to check the Excerpts out, You can find them in the links at the end of the post… Now onto what I really want to talk about.

The Level 0 Magic Item, or Trinket


Thanks go to mycroftb who came up with this idea here on the WotC Boards (Click for original Thread). I hope you don’t mind me posting some ideas on my blog.

In 4th Edition Magic Items that provide daily powers can only be used a certain number of times a day based on the tier in which you are playing. But in Heroic Tier this doesn’t matter so much if your starting right at the beginning with Level 1, as you wont have any magic items to spend your daily magic item use. Until now.

What if at level one for say 50gp a player could purchase a “Level 0” Magic Item, that provided a daily power that made things just a little easier, not anything particularly note worthy but useful enough to want to carry around for those first few steps into a dangerous life of dungeon delving and monster slaying.

Listed below are a few such items that a player may like or a DM might want to give as low level quest rewards.

Old Encyclopaedia

Said to contain information on every subject… not always accurate…

Cost: 50gp
Power (Daily): Until the end of your next turn the next Arcana, History or Religion check you make receives +2 Power Bonus.

Four Leaf Clover

Said to be lucky…

Cost: 50gp
Power (Daily): Until the end of your next turn you receive a +2 power bonus when a skill check that uses a particular skill, determined at creation.

The Climatic Compass

Useful only at certain temperatures…

Cost: 50gp
Power (Daily): Re-Roll Survival Check to keep yourself from getting lost in a particular climate determined at creation.


In the next two to three months I will be forming a new RPG group from two previous group I have DMed. I will be running a 1st level adventure. Now I have a DDI Subscription but I’m also up to buying adventures 3rd party or wizard created. So if anyone has any suggestion please post in the comment with a link and brief description.

That’s it for today’s post.


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